Cannabinoids and Cys-loop receptors.

Cannabinoids interact with far more receptors than previously thought - new therapeutic approaches are close at hand. 

Cause and solution for haemorrhoids

 On the causes and solutions of one of the most common proctological complaints - haemorrhoids

CBD as a Novel Food (Novel-Food)

More on the developments surrounding the authorisation of cannabidiol as a foodstuff

Sleep well' with CANNEXOL Good Night 1% CBD

What does science actually say about sleep patterns and are there any tips for falling asleep?

Dogs also feel good' with CANNEXOL

CBD in the dog kingdom and interesting facts about the health of your four-legged friend

The never ending story of the hemp plant

A deep dive into the history of hemp from the beginning of its use to today's developments

Cats also feel good' with CANNEXOL

Cannabidiol in the cat kingdom: interesting facts about CBD for velvet paws

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

What is the endocannabinoid system and how does it work?

Women's complaints, sex and cannabinoids

What to do for period pain, cramps or vaginal dryness?

Horses also feel good' with CANNEXOL

We inform you about cannabidiol and what it can do for your horse's health.

Sleep-inducing foods, what helps?

Interesting facts about the connection between nutrition and sleep quality

What are cannabinoids? An overview of CBD, CBDa, CBG

We inform about the diversity and mechanisms of action of this group of substances

What you always wanted to know about hemp

Read here more about the hemp plant and the multifaceted forms of application

CANNEXOL and CBD in sports

Whether professional sports or passionate hobby here more CBD & sports.

What does ARGE CANNA do and what is the AC drop?

ARGE CANNA supports research into the medicinal use of cannabinoids.

Hemp - the Austrian medicinal plant 2018

Read more about Hemp as a Medicinal Plant 2018 and the HMPPA award here.

What to look for when buying CBD oil?

What to look for when buying a CBD oil? Here is some guidance.

Caryophyllene & Myrcene - What are Terpenes?

cannhelp informs about the variety and mechanisms of action of this group of substances.

cannhelp at the Austropharm

cannhelp un the industry meeting point for pharmaceutical products - austropharm

cannhelp and CBD Research & Development

The R&D activity is a basic element of the success of cannhelp GmbH so far.

What does the World Health Organization say about CBD?

Here you can find the official statement of the WHO on CBD, enjoy reading!


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