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Our mission

With nature at our side, we put your well-being at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to harnessing the full power of the cannabis plant for society, while respecting nature. cannhelpstands for new standards and a holistic approach to promote, support and maintain your well-being.

The cannhelp team

Our drive

As a market pioneer from Austria, we have specialised in the production and marketing of high-quality natural products with cannhelpGmbH since 2015. The education about the important endocannabinoid system and the destigmatisation of hemp give us daily motivation to continue overcoming the hurdles of this sector. With a focus on natural well-being, we want to contribute to more health, relaxation and balance in your everyday life. We are pleased to have been able to play a significant role in shaping this exciting market for over seven years.

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Our products

Thanks to our years of experience, we offer a wide range of high-quality natural products with cannabinoids, terpenes and other carefully selected natural ingredients.
Since our foundation, our main focus has been on best quality, fair prices and transparency. This is why the cannhelpproduct range from CANNEXOL to cannanx is becoming increasingly popular on the European market. Because nature is our most important partner, we do our best to work in harmony with nature.

Our founders

Sven Reinwein

Sven Reinwein

Philip Schmiedhofer

Philip Schmiedhofer

Managing Director & Shareholder 
Thomas Bibaritsch

Thomas Bibaritsch


Our advisory board

Verena couple

Verena couple

Marketing consultancy
Dominik Stibi

Dominik Stibi

Legal advice

Our principles

Local value creation

100% natural, vegan! Regional, organic raw materials are part of our philosophy. Where possible, we use organic products and ingredients in our products.

Social responsibility

In order to give every person access to high-quality CBD products, our pricing policy is honest and fair. Humanity and sympathy, fair and honest - that's what cannhelp stands for.

Laboratory tested quality

We adhere to the highest standards and thus guarantee the best quality. Our products are ARGE Canna certified.

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Full transparency

Quality is more than a promise, it is an award for value and reliability. That is why we make all analysis results available online.


As pioneers in the CBD industry, sustainability is always a priority for us, in addition to quality: With the shortest possible transport routes, we will continue to minimise our carbon footprint.


The well-being of our customers is very important to us, which is why we invest heavily in CBD research and development with our partners.

Our path - Our milestones

october 2014

We buy the first Waldviertel commercial hemp, which has already been exported to the USA for several years, and start our product development.

January 2015

First production of CANNEXOLCBD oils from Austrian commercial hemp

April 2015

Launch of our webshop

August 2016

Professionalisation of product manufacturing and implementation of quality assurance mechanisms. Expansion of business and customer relations.

September 2017

Opening of the cannhelpstore in Stuwerstraße

December 2018

Until the decree of the Federal Ministry of Health in December, CANNEXOLby cannhelpwas an extremely popular and highly demanded product in Austrian pharmacies

November 2019

CANNEXOL GOLD 15% but also EXOL DOG 5% and CANNEXOL CAT CANNEXOL DOG 5% and CANNEXOL CAT 3% also this year for corresponding market innovations.

January 2021

The cannhelprange is further expanded with CANNEXOL BUDDY 10% for animals but also in the core range with the CANNEXOL COLOMBIAN GOLD limited series.

December 2021

Start of distribution of cannanx for natural
control of anxiety symptoms

January 2022

Founding of cannmedic for the distribution of medical technology for gynaecology and urology in Austria & Germany

Research & Development

R&D and innovation for long-term success

With our development work, we ensure a better, targeted application for our customers with the aim of constantly improving the product quality. It is especially important to us that our products are manufactured in Austria and have been awarded the independent seal of quality for CBD products by ARGE CANNA for the highest phytomedical quality. Therefore, we also make all certificates and analyses available for download here. Because it is very important for us to be able to prove our quality promise in black and white.

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Trustpilot cannhelp
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