Our Ambassadors

There are many reasons to trust in CANNEXOLfrom the market pioneer cannhelp. Just like our CANNEXOLAmbassadors. Find out why so many people, but also their dearest four-legged friends, already trust in CANNEXOLfrom cannhelp!

Here you will find all our brand ambassadors who already rely on the proven quality of CANNEXOL from cannhelp set.

CBD for people

Babsi Zangerl

Climbing athlete

"cannhelphelps me to recover quickly from training sessions or long exhausting days in a big wall. During stressful phases with a busy schedule. I also use it to support the healing process of injuries and inflammations. CANNEXOL is part of my everyday routine. Our four-legged friend Olli also enjoys less stress during long car rides and travel days thanks to CANNEXOL Buddy."


Athletic Trainer, Skier & MTBGuide

"Thanks to CANNEXOL , it is much easier for me to compensate for the stresses and strains of my everyday life. An average week in my life consists of over 20 hours of sport, and my work as a sports science consultant and athletic trainer is also primarily about performance. To keep my autonomic nervous system in balance and to counteract inflammatory processes, sleep is the most important thing for me, besides a healthy lifestyle. The CBD products from CANNEXOL help me to fall asleep faster and to sleep through the night better. Furthermore, I am a diagnosed ADHD sufferer and on the advice of my therapist, I use CBD in a highly concentrated form as an accompanying therapy measure.


Taekwondo Trainer

"Thanks to CANNEXOL, I can significantly increase my training performance because I don't need such long breaks. I can also use it in competition because it contains no THC and CBD is WADA compliant."


Professional Snowboarder

"Because I do a lot of sport or extreme sport, my body is naturally often challenged and needs time to regenerate. Since I've been using CANNEXOL Sport, my body doesn't tire as quickly and the regeneration time has been noticeably shorter.



"Thanks to CANNEXOL, I feel less stressed, calm down more easily and sleep better. So I can enjoy the time with my family better. "


Animations & Graphics

 "Thanks to CANNEXOL, I am much more relaxed and feel better during my period thanks to the effect. My favourite product lately is CANNEXOL GOOD NIGHT, I sleep great with it."


Yoga Instructor

"With CANNEXOL I achieve a new state of serenity."


Actor and snowboard pro

"CANNEXOL is simply super! CANNEXOL is the Red Bull of the cannabis industry. I take it to relax or when I sprain my ankle while skating. "

CBD for cats


"the cat"

"CANNEXOL Cat 3% CBD is really great! It helped us a lot when we got our new cat together."

Rose & Connor

the cat

"Connor is rather shy and fearful by nature. Especially when we have visitors and someone strange is at home. It's good to have something natural that has a calming effect on him and that's where we like to turn to CANNEXOL Cat."

Nadja & Milow, Flocke, Lucy and Mila

the cat family

"We can really recommend the CBD oil CANNEXOL Cat with conviction. It helps my cats to relax. There are no more fights and no more scuffles. They either stay out of each other's way or they no longer have any incentive to bicker at all. That is of course nicer for us too".

Victoria & Simba

the cat

"Little Simba is a totally panicky and fearful cat. Every loud and unusual noise startled him. I was looking for a solution for a long time. Until I came across CANNEXOL Cat from cannhelp".


the cat

"We are super happy with CANNEXOL Cat 3% CBD from cannhelp. Kinga has developed very well with regard to her hoover phobia and now accepts the hoover robot with composure".


the cat

"The unusual male Henrich is a Scottish Fold cat. This breed is known to have frequent problems with ears and eyes due to breeding. Thanks to CANNEXOL Cat, Henrich finds relief from his complaints here."

CBD for dogs


Golden Doodle

"I am Frida a very excited and jumpy Golden Doodle. Especially New Year&Sylvester were a night of horror for me. Thanks to CANNEXOL Dog 5% CBD I became much more relaxed. "


the beagle

"As I often tend to get into stressful or exciting situations, the CBD oil CANNEXOL Dog 5% CBD has helped me to be more relaxed and to calm down better or more easily, especially in stressful situations such as being left alone."


the Magyar Vizsla

"As a rescued street dog, Sessi was a restless and nervous character for a long time. With CANNEXOL Dog 5% CBD, Sessi achieved a new level of calmness and composure. It has made being out in public together much more enjoyable since."

Lucy & Mia

Former street dogs

"We are absolutely thrilled with CANNEXOL. Lucy finds it extremely helpful with her tantrums caused by her hip pain. Mia (Border Collie) copes much better with her inner turmoil. Since we started using CANNEXOL they are both much more relaxed and stress free."

CBD for horses


the fjord horse

"We have been using CANNEXOL Buddy 10% CBD for a few months now and we are still really excited about it. Crook is no longer so tense and excited."


with Noralie and Bence 

"Me Skady-Lee and my two ponies Bence and Noralie, are still very happy with CANNEXOL Buddy 10% CBD from cannhelpeven after a longer trial period and can only recommend it."

You want to become an Ambassador too?

You can identify with our mission & brand and our values? Well-being, sustainability and closeness to nature are important to you and your community? You are a big CBD fan and want to support us as an ambassador to bring cannhelpand the potential of hemp further into the world? Please contact us directly here.

Laboratory tested quality

We adhere to the highest standards and thus guarantee the best quality. Our products are ARGE CANNA and CANNTRUST certified.

Local value creation

100% natural, vegan! Regional, organic raw materials are part of our philosophy. Where possible, we use organic products and ingredients in our products.

Social responsibility

In order to give every person access to high-quality CBD products, our pricing policy is honest and fair. Humanity and sympathy, fair and honest - that's what cannhelp stands for.


As pioneers in the CBD industry, sustainability is always a priority for us, in addition to quality: With the shortest possible transport routes, we will continue to minimise our carbon footprint.


The well-being of our customers is very important to us, which is why we invest heavily in CBD research and development with our partners.

Full transparency

Quality is more than a promise, it is an award for value and reliability. That is why we make all analysis results available online.

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